Addinsight Solutions

Incident Alerts


Deliver targeted information directly from the traffic management centre to road users, helping them avoid congestion.

The Addinsight smartphone app provides direction and location specific information to motorists via spoken alerts through their car stereo.  This keeps the driver focused on the road ahead, not the screen of their phone.

Incident delay and route travel time messages automatically update as network conditions change. Custom messages can also be defined to provide any type of information, such as detour details, to navigate around an incident. Filtering through irrelevant traffic reports on the radio will become a thing of the past.

How it works

Addinsight’s extensive network of Bluetooth beacons provides messages direct to passing motorists, without needing the app to be open.

There’s nothing to configure and no need to input destination details. The app will run in the background and deliver alerts if you are travelling in the relevant direction.

Commuters rarely use navigation apps as they already know the most reliable route to their destination.

They want to know if an incident will impact their journey, and how to avoid it where possible.

Before leaving home, users can quickly check for issues in the app’s map view. Problem areas are highlighted, so you can decide the best route before leaving.

Available for Android and iOS devices, the app will work anywhere Addinsight is installed, covering thousands of locations across Australia and NZ.

How addinisght is used for

Incident alerts

The Addinsight system detects an incident, and automatically begins broadcasting at locations approaching the incident. Traffic management centre operators are alerted of the congestion, and able to identify if a crash or significant incident has occurred, allowing them to update the system with additional information.

TMC operators can then focus their attention on managing the incident, while Addinsight regularly updates the broadcast delays as conditions change.