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Network Wide Coverage.

Addinsight is a cost-effective system centered on a network of low-cost receivers that can provide network-wide performance indicators in real time.

Be accountable for the system you manage and provide motivation for staff to continually improve.

Incident Detection

Addinsight is self-learning. Using complex data mining processes the system automatically establishes base line travel time profiles for each road segment.

Live travel times are compared against these baselines to identify abnormal conditions for that time of day. Recurrent delays are ignored, allowing traffic management centre staff to focus on incident management.

Addinsight Smartphone App and Virtual VMS

Addinsight Smartphone App

The virtual VMS system automatically activates Bluetooth Beacons on the approach to a potential incident and transmits real-time delay information.

Motorists with the Addinsight App installed and running on their Android or Apple device will receive an audio alert detailing the location and type of incident plus the expected additional delays.

Once the congestion clears, Addinsight will automatically deactivate the beacons. The beacons can also be used to transmit custom messages to manage road works, warn motorists approaching active school zones and pretty much any other message you can think of.

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Travel Times on Variable Message Signs

The use of VMS to display travel time information on freeways is not new. However, Addinsight takes this to the next level by allowing similar information to be displayed for signalised road corridors.

Using a combination of live and historical travel time information, the system can supply travel time predictions for any route with Bluetooth coverage. The smart algorithm takes into consideration expected changes in travel times along a route throughout the day. Best of all, it doesn’t need a single vehicle to travel the route to generate the predictions.

REST API and Web Feed

Addinsight has an open API that can be used to integrate it into existing systems and applications.

The web feed allows you to make live system information available to the public via your own website or you can make it available as open data feeds.

To see an example of the outputs, go to

Transport Planning

Road authorities have never had access to such a rich data source. Addinsight records everything and allows you to interrogate the data any way you like. There is no need to get the system to record anything specific; just make sure you have the hardware in the right locations.

It will automatically capture travel times between any two points on the network, route choice, origin-destination trips and so much more. Undertake before and after comparisons, assess traffic signal coordination along corridors, measure the network cost of an incident…it is an invaluable business intelligence tool.

Interested in a live demonstration or local trial?

Please contact us to arrange a live demonstration of Addinsight’s capabilities and to see how it could change the way your organisation operates.

If you can see the potential of the system, but need to get decision-makers over the line, we can also offer a short-term trial to provide justification for a business case.

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Cost Effective and Versatile

Addinsight is compatible with a growing number of hardware devices from different suppliers. We work with road authorities to identify the most cost effective hardware to take advantage of existing roadside infrastructure and communication channels.