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Incident Detection and Congestion Management


Incident detection for your entire network.

Incident detection systems are typically designed for motorway conditions where continuous flow is expected.

On signalised corridors, stopped vehicles and delays are often expected, particularly during peak periods. This makes motorway solutions incompatible for congestion management across a wider network.

Addinsight’s incident detection capability takes into consideration this inherent variability to differentiate between recurring congestion and abnormal traffic events.

How it works

Addinsight uses machine learning algorithms and pattern-matching processes to identify the difference between recurring and unusual congestion for road segments.

When abnormal conditions are detected, the system alerts traffic management centre operators to potential issues requiring investigation. This removes the need for operators to constantly scan CCTV cameras, looking for issues.

Unlike traditional incident detection systems, Addinsight can be used on both motorway and signalised road corridors, making it a cost-effective, whole-of-network solution for road operators.

Backed by comprehensive data

Addinsight ingests data from a diverse range of field devices and sources.

The latest generation of probe scanners achieves exceptionally high pairing rates, allowing Addinsight to be highly responsive to changes in conditions. The system can also ingest data from ANPR systems, or any other system that captures a unique identifier.

How Addinsight is used for congestion management

Variable Message Signs

Addinsight takes displaying travel time information on road corridors to the next level by allowing similar information to be displayed for signalised road corridors.

Using a combination of live and historical travel time information, the system can supply travel time predictions via Variable Message Signs (VMS) for any route with Addinsight coverage.

The smart algorithm provides updated predictions and accounts for expected changes in travel times along a route throughout the day.


Incident alerts

The Addinsight system detects an incident, and automatically begins broadcasting at locations approaching the incident. Traffic management centre operators are alerted of the congestion, and able to identify if a crash or significant incident has occurred, allowing them to update the system with additional information.

TMC operators can then focus their attention on managing the incident, while Addinsight regularly updates the broadcast delays as conditions change.

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