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Micro Connect

Micro Connect is proud of 25 years of excellence in electronic design, engineering, ISO-9001 certified manufacturing and customer support service, focusing on specialised data communications, electronic equipment, and management software systems for Australia’s ITS industry.

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Micro Connect has partnered with customers for the supply of Bluetooth hardware since the inception of Addinsight. Their current generation of Wiblue equipment is available via in-cabinet or on-pole devices which are compact and have low-power and solar/battery driven options.  Wiblue products include multiple internal radios for maximum device detection at busy sites.

Addinsight can configure the types of data to be captured – Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, for example – and set iBeacon broadcast details on the Wiblue. The Wiblue reports Bluetooth/Wi-Fi detections and status information.

Wiblue IC-EP
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