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Transport Planning and Traffic Modelling


Gain access to a rich data source for more effective planning, modelling and monitoring.

Addinsight retains the data in a raw form, providing considerable flexibility to undertake a range of investigations, and any data captured is immediately available.

The Addinsight API can be used to create an interface between external systems and traffic models.


Effective, Efficient Planning

Retrospectively analyse data in many ways, with dozens of highly flexible query types available to answer your transport questions, using the Addinsight Planning Client.

It enables you to:

  • Better understand route choice and origin – destination trip patterns
  • Undertake before and after comparisons of metrics such as travel time, speed and volume
  • Assess traffic signal coordination along corridors
  • Measure the network cost of an incident.

Addinsight delivers the intelligence required for effective decision-making.

How it works

The system captures all the temporal changes – incidents, seasons, extreme weather, road and intersection upgrades, even COVID-19 lockdowns.

Transport professionals can extract travel times, trip patterns and origin-destination matrices, as the data is continuously recorded and immediately available.

Addinsight also collects intersection signal timing and vehicle counts from systems such as SCATS™, making it a complete data source for transport planners. Users can undertake before and after assessments of network changes, investigate the impact of road or turn closures, all within the user interface.

Addinsight is the future of data-driven decision making.

Extensive REST API

Create connections between external systems and traffic models or create your own custom client application using the Addinsight API.

All Addinsight client applications are solely built using our 300+ fully documented REST API endpoints, including the ability to create and edit system objects. Customised applications, automated processes and interfaces can be easily created.

How Addinsight is used for

Traffic modelling

During COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, Addinsight developed a script to extract and process mobility metrics daily using the REST API. The resulting dashboard application, also generated by the script, allowed our customers to monitor the impact of changes to restrictions on their network.

The dashboard presented map information using various aggregation options per site, road segment and statistical regions. Chart outputs based on whole-of-network conditions were also provided.

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