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Addinsight Device Protocol v3 (ADPv3) and Addinsight Partner program

Introducing the Addinsight

Device Protocol v3

We’re delighted to announce as part of our ongoing development, Addinsight is implementing functionality that will support a wider range of devices and data sources.

 In addition to making system connections more secure and scalable, our customers have also expressed a desire to have a central platform to manage and monitor these devices.

To enable this step change in functionality, we are proud to introduce ADPv3, which will be available in release v2023.1.


The initial ADPv3 release includes:

  • support for wireless locators (e.g., Bluetooth) and wireless beacons (iBeacon broadcasting), which replicates the functionality available in ADPv1 and ADPv2.
  • Support for reporting of device information such as vendor, model, status, location and power source monitoring (e.g., battery/solar).

Future releases will introduce full device management capabilities, including the ability to apply firmware updates.

While we have a long list of potential devices we’d like to support within Addinsight, we want to be guided by vendors’ and our customers’ needs.

You may also have existing device deployments spread across disparate management systems that could be supported within Addinsight.

Addinsight Partner Program and ADPv3

Addinsight wants to maintain its reputation as an open and vendor-agnostic platform, and we’re thrilled to be launching the Addinsight Partner program.

The Addinsight Partner program is a formal agreement that defines the obligations of both Addinsight and vendors to achieve mutual growth and success. Membership is free.

We encourage all existing Addinsight hardware vendors to apply to become an Addinsight Partner. Members are provided with access to our device sandbox. This will allow members to view the ADPv3 documentation and test hardware against the new protocol.

Full details of the program are provided in the Addinsight Partner prospectus.

Actions for customers

Existing devices using ADPv1 or ADPv2

Addinsight will continue to support devices using ADPv1 and ADPv2, so no action is necessary.

Depending on the vendor, they may be able to provide a firmware update to migrate devices to ADPv3 and leverage the additional features it provides.


Configure your system to use ADPv3

Addinsight has 3 supported protocol versions and all three can be used concurrently. 

Please contact Addinsight support if you would like preliminary information to prepare for this release.